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The psychology team at The Richardson Partnership for Care plays a crucial role in the care and support of our service users, who have complex needs and acquired brain injuries or learning disabilities. Dr Pedro Areias Grilo, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, heads up the team and is supported by three Assistant Psychologists: Julita Frackowska, Olivia Ferrie and Joseph Szablowski.

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30th November 2017 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><h1>Adults with acquired brain injuries, learning disabilities and complex needs</h1> <p>In addition to surveying the families of service users in our care on an annual basis, we also complete a questionnaire with the individuals themselves, which asks specific questions about different aspects of their lives within the care home.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/satisfaction-survey-care-home-residents/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

23rd May 2016 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><p> We’ll soon be holding a birthday party at a local pub for John, one of our service users. That may not sound unusual, but on this occasion it is. John has been in our care for over 20 years and has rarely chosen to go out.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/john-enjoys-first-ever-holiday/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

3rd February 2016 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><p> Congratulations to Selina Vernon, Assessor and Review Co-ordinator at our homes for adults with learning difficulties, who has completed her Level 4 Diploma in Adult Care. This is a new qualification and Selina is the first person to pass it in the UK with training and qualifications body ARC (<a href="http://www.arcuk.org.uk" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Association for Real Change</a>).</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/selina-gains-level-4-diploma-in-adult-care/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

24th November 2015 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><p> Online applications are transforming the way that we live and work, and at The Richardson Partnership for Care we are using them to help service users and their families keep in touch, and for the families to participate in the review process.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/using-online-apps-to-stay-in-touch/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

12th August 2015 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><p> The Care Quality Commission, Public Health England and NHS Improving Quality have recently published reports commissioned by NHS England into the prescribing of psychotic drugs to people with learning disabilities. The research found that there is an alarming rate of over-prescribing of these drugs to people with learning difficulties: the report authored by Public Health England, estimates that up to 35,000 adults with a learning disability are being prescribed an antipsychotic, an antidepressant or both without appropriate clinical justification.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/scale-of-over-medication-is-now-out-in-the-open/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

27th July 2015 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><p> At The Richardson Partnership for Care, we strive to have an open relationship with service users and their families so that they can tell us straight away if they are concerned about any aspect of their care or their home. We hold regular care reviews as well as completing an annual survey.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/care-homes-shine-in-independent-feedback/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

16th July 2015 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><p> We learn about the world constantly through our senses and by interacting with it. This process of exploration and learning starts in childhood and continues throughout our lives. However, people with learning difficulties may not have had the same opportunities to explore and interact with their environment, and people with acquired brain injuries may need to repeat some of these learning experiences.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/sensory-awareness-groups/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

29th June 2015 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><p> There is a rolling training programme every three weeks for care staff at The Richardson Partnership for Care and one of the topics is dementia awareness. The Alzheimer’s Society estimates that there are 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK, and people with learning difficulties and people who have experienced stroke or head injuries have a higher risk of dementia.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/dementia-awareness-training/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

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