Three new rooms are now available at The Coach House – our newest home for adults offering brain injury care and rehabilitation. This is following the completion of a second staircase, bringing the number of rooms to 11. Further rooms are likely to be released later in the year.

“Despite the difficulties that the pandemic is causing, we are still receiving a lot of referrals for our specialist brain injury care”, says Gill Ayris, Admissions & Referrals Manager, “so we’re very pleased that our residential capacity is increasing.”

The Coach House is situated in the grounds of The Richardson Mews in Kingsthorpe, Northampton. Both are listed buildings, full of character with large social spaces as well as generous ensuite bedrooms. The Coach House was significantly refurbished and extended, enabling a bespoke residential care home to be created. This meant that the home could meet the specific needs of people with acquired brain injury, while retaining the character of a listed building.

Richardson Care design philosophy

We have a clear design philosophy at Richardson Care: We believe that every home should feel like ‘home’, and that providing the right environment helps our service users to engage in their therapy and rehabilitation, and improves their quality of life.

We spoke to architect Chris Cheater, Design Director at McLaughlin & Harvey Limited, who has been an important part of the design team at Richardson Care for over 15 years:

“Working with Richardson Care has been a sharing of ideas and experience. The Directors, Laura and Greg, have always been clear in their desire to develop an architectural expression that seeks to draw out the unique character of each care setting. This gives a distinct sense of place and identity that service users can call ‘home’.

The essence of home

“Central to my role in the process of creating wonderful and supportive spaces is weaving the essence of ‘home’ throughout a scheme. This has had to be undertaken whilst ensuring the internal environment is supportive to people with very specific, varied and complex needs. By combining my professional training and sharing knowledge, we have evolved a clear design language for Richardson Care over time. Central to this ethos is spaces which are uplifting, naturally lit and allow all occupants to move freely in and around the home.

“In The Coach House we have had the opportunity to provide these elements within a new bespoke building, unrestricted by pre-existing constraints. This building is specifically designed knowing the need for space, circulation and light is central to the successful function of the home.  Designed around a central ‘meeting place’ and connected via ‘The Street’, we have created a care setting placing service users at the heart of the home. We believe naturally lit communal spaces are foremost in the assistance of rehabilitation. Our wide movement spaces allow for contemplation, and the extensive use of glazing allows connection to the outside, which assists in a feeling of convalescing.

“The interior design is an intrinsic part of the design philosophy and has been developed with Laura to ensure it remains as non-institutional as possible whilst ensuring its functionality. All of the support functions of the home have been incorporated within the building fabric to provide robust but discrete safe and secure environment befitting the vulnerability of the occupants.

“The design of The Coach House doesn’t for me signal the conclusion of a design philosophy, but rather an expression of an ongoing evolution of care provision, of which I’m proud to be a part as it progresses into the future.”


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Staff are wonderful and caring in a challenging Covid-19 climate! Thank you for staying safe.

This is one of the comments that we received from the family of a service user who completed our annual survey. Other comments include:

Management and staff address any issues that arise promptly. Provide a safe, varied and enjoyable life for my son.

Our son has bespoke care of the highest standard… He feels that he is part of a family. We feel his professional care arrangements make him feel totally secure… He has always been treated with total respect and dignity.

It’s clear that this year has been really tough for everyone in many different ways. Under normal circumstances, we have an open-door policy, encouraging family members and friends of service users to visit them in our specialist care homes. We also support our service users to visit their families, accompanied by care staff who will support both the service user and their family during the visit.

Of course, this year has been very different. We’ve tried to stay in touch via phone, online platforms and even sending photos and information by post. We also encourage feedback from families by sending out an annual questionnaire. This enables us to formalise the process and identify any changes that are needed. Everyone’s needs are different, but our survey helps us to see an overall picture and reflect on any improvements we can make. This year in particular has made us rethink exactly what we do and how we can continue to provide a safe, supportive and happy home for our service users.

The questionnaires are optional and can be anonymous, so we may only receive a small number of replies. However, we take all of the feedback very seriously and are very grateful to the family members who complete the questionnaires.

We ask all families whether they strongly agree, agree, don’t know or disagree with the following statements:

  1. I am happy with the care provided for my relative
  2. The home has a warm, non-institutional feeling
  3. The home provides an inclusive or family environment
  4. Staff are friendly and approachable
  5. I am regularly updated with information
  6. I feel that my relative is treated with dignity and respect
  7. I feel that their quality of life has improved since they arrived at Richardson Care
  8. I feel that my relative takes part in meaningful and/or enjoyable activities
  9.  Would you recommend Richardson Care? (Yes/No)

We are pleased that:

100% of respondents said that they would recommend Richardson Care

100% of respondents said that they strongly agreed or agreed with the statement: “I am happy with the care provided for my relative”

100% strongly agreed or agreed with the statement: “Staff are friendly and approachable”

95% strongly agreed or agreed with the statement “I feel that my relative is treated with dignity and respect”

95% strongly agreed or agreed with the statement: “The home provides an inclusive or family environment”

And 86% felt that their loved one’s quality of life had improved since they arrived at Richardson Care.

All of the 2020 families’ questionnaire results are shown in the graph above.

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