Holidays are a special time for everyone and our service users are no different. There’s the excitement of planning where stay, what to see and do, who to go with, what to take. Our service users are supported to make these decisions so they can enjoy the holiday that they want. Sometimes they return to a familiar destination or they may choose to go somewhere new.

Essential part of life at Richardson Care

At Richardson Care we include supported home visits and holidays in individuals’ care plans. They are important for general well-being and rehabilitation: Just experiencing the sun on your back, a sea breeze or the sand and waves around your feet can make you feel good. Holidays can also help to improve self-esteem and confidence, and help people to connect with each other in a shared experience.

When Richardson Care was founded in 1989, service users went on the family holiday with Brian, Jackie and Laura Richardson, so this has always been viewed as an essential part of life at Richardson Care.

In addition, in some cases, going on holiday represents a milestone in a service user’s life: They may have previously presented with high risk, challenging or aggressive behaviours, but can now manage those behaviours consistently to enable them to enjoy new opportunities and experiences.

Individual choice

Depending on each individual’s preferences and the funding that we are able to secure, the guys may go on day trips, short breaks and/or holidays in the UK or overseas. Some of the guys have already been away this year and here are some examples:

  • Supported on family holiday to Disneyland Paris
  • Cruise to Spain and Tenerife
  • Cruise to Spain and Portugal
  • Supported home visit to Serbia
  • Supported on family visit to Malta
  • Short break in London, sight-seeing and going to a musical
  • Supported on family holidays in Devon, Cornwall, Norfolk, Brighton, Essex
  • Woburn Centre Parcs – swimming, canoeing, walking
  • Longleat Centre Parcs
  • Short break to Hunstanton
  • Butlins at Skegness
  • Short break to Edinburgh by train
  • West Midlands Safari Lodge – next to the tiger enclosure, seeing amazing animals close-up
  • Day trips to Norfolk
  • Supported home visits to Guernsey

During the holidays and other activities, the Activity Support Workers take photographs of the guys, which are saved securely for them and their families to keep and look back on at any time in the future. This can also help with their rehabilitation, improving memory and other cognitive skills.

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