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Principally, it’s our focus on enabling service users to have a better quality of life and supporting them to fulfil their potential as valued and respected human beings. We don’t just pay lip-service to the principle of person-centred care, it’s in our DNA. The service user is at the heart of every decision we make.

What makes us different?

  1. We appreciate that everyone who has a brain injury or learning disabilities is unique and has different and complex needs. Therefore, it’s a combination of factors that enable us to support service users to the best of our ability.
  2. Our homes provide a unique homely environment, which is thoughtfully designed to provide a safe, practical and welcoming space. Service users feel part of a new family, with a social network and a home in which they are given the time, space and support to attain happiness.
  3. We empower our staff to develop and thrive. An extensive in-house training programme, effective supervision and open-door practice mean that staff feel skilled, supported, involved and motivated to deliver outstanding care.
  4. Our Multidisciplinary team (MDT) of neuro specialists develop individual care plans for each service user and review them on a regular basis. This high-calibre, experienced team work together to enable us to immediately and efficiently meet all the complex needs of the individuals we support.
  5. Social inclusion and community participation are a big part of what we do, improving well-being and mental health. We provide supported home visits as part of an individual’s care plan as well as social activities and holidays.
  6. We support the families and loved-ones of the people in our care. We’re skilled and experienced in managing the transition from a school to an adult environment for young people with learning disabilities, and in helping families cope with the shock and grief that a severe brain injury can cause.
  7. We’re independent, family-owned and run, so we can take a long-term view without pressure from shareholders to make short-term gains. We deliver high-quality care at a fair price.
  8. We strive to innovate, frequently evaluating the best treatment and intervention plans and thinking outside the box to deliver the right type of therapy to meet the individuals’ needs.

Headway – Approved Care Provider

Richardson Care, The Richardson Mews, Kingsland Gardens, Northampton NN2 7PW

T: 01604 791266.
E: welcome@richardsoncares.co.uk.

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