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Residential care for adults with learning disabilities: diagram of support

Learning Disabilities

Our approach to the well-being and residential care for adults with learning disabilities

At Richardson Care, we have three specialist residential care homes for adults with learning disabilities. We have a proven track record over 30 years of supporting people with profound learning disabilities and complex needs. They may also present with associated behaviour that challenges and mental health needs as well as physical disabilities. We provide a unique, homely and positive environment for adults with learning disabilities, focussing on what each person can do, not on what they can’t. And we find that given the appropriate therapy and care, even individuals with the most complex needs can learn to manage their behaviour and lead a happy life.

The transition from school to adult residential care

This transition can be difficult for both the person with learning disabilities and their family, and it affects people in different ways. Therefore, it needs to be managed carefully and sensitively. We work closely with all of the agencies involved, along with the family. Our aim is to maintain continuity of successful therapies and to manage difficult situations as effectively as possible, minimising disruption and distress.

Everyone is different, so we manage the transition in a way that best suits the individual. This may be by introducing them to the home gradually, starting with day visits, then moving onto overnight stays. Or it may be better for them to just move in. Where appropriate, we also incorporate supported home visits into the care plan and family members are welcome to visit our care homes at any time.

Pre-admission assessment

Each service user with learning disabilities has a formal, detailed assessment before they are admitted to one of our residential care homes. We then develop a personalised care plan on which their care and treatment is based. Wherever possible, family members and existing social networks are consulted and involved in the assessment process.

During the pre-admission assessment, we monitor the person in different environments, such as at school and at home, so that we can continue any therapies that are seen to be working well. We also take note of situations that cause difficulties and see how these can be managed better.  If service users continue to attend school, then we liaise closely with the school, often using communication books, so that we can monitor and manage any changes in behaviour.

Interdisciplinary support

All service users with learning disabilities have access to our multi-disciplinary support team. And each care plan will include a range of therapies and activities to support the individual, help them to manage their behaviour and to fulfil their potential. These include:

  • Psychological support
  • Psychiatric support
  • Neuro Speech & Language therapy
  • Neurological Physiotherapy
  • A range of communication approaches, such as PECS, TEACCH and Makaton
  • ASDAN-accredited learning
  • Music sessions, arts & crafts and a wide range of other activities

Medical care

The genetic conditions that contribute to learning disabilities often result in other complex medical and physical conditions. At Richardson Care, we are experienced in treating these as well as managing behaviour. For example, support staff are trained in peg feeding and catheter care, as well as caring for people with diabetes and epilepsy.

In addition, our support team is trained and experienced in MCA DOL safeguards and representing service users in Best Interest meetings.

Our specialist residential care homes for people with learning disabilities

Find out more about our specialist residential care homes:

2 & 8 Kingsthorpe Grove, Northampton

23 Duston Road, Northampton

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