Testimonials from Case Managers


Martin Woollard RMHN, Dip HE is Senior Case Manager at Anglia Case Management and has placed at client at The Richardson Mews.

My experience of working with the team at The Richardson Mews, has always been positive. They are really helpful and there’s always someone at the end of the phone when I need to contact them.

They are true advocates for the service user. When thinking about what is in the best interests of the service user, Richardson Care are prepared to challenge Case Managers, family or friends. I like that. It makes me stop and think: As a Case Manager, is what I’m proposing right for the service user? This commitment and advocacy shines through when you visit the homes. You can see that it’s a relaxed, happy environment.

I believe that Richardson Care offers value for money because of the quality and standards of care that are upheld. This is reflected in the well-being of the service user. For example; the rooms, as well as the care, are personalised and homely – not at all like an institution.”


Clinical Lead and former Case Manager, Nicki Slawson, has placed three clients with acquired brain injury with Richardson Care and we asked her what she thought about the service:

Why was Richardson Care a good fit for your clients?

The care provided is completely person-centred. It’s all for the individual: They make their programme right for the service user, at their own pace, to their own needs. Rehab can be a frightening word for someone with a brain injury, but the team at Richardson Care think outside the box to support each person. They encourage them and help them to develop skills without them actually realising that it’s rehab. All of my clients have been complex cases and one in particular experienced a massive positive change in behaviour soon after being placed at Richardson Care.

As a Case Manager, I felt that the team at Richardson’s got to know me well and I felt like I was part of a team supporting my client. I think that they get the best outcomes because of their approach.”

What else makes Richardson Care different from other providers?

I think it’s a combination of things:

  • All the therapists are accessible to the service users.
  • The staff really do care and there’s consistency of staff so service users can build trust and relationships with the care staff.
  • It’s a beautiful environment, which lends itself to people doing well.
  • There is humour and banter, so it feels like a normal home environment, not a clinical setting.
  • In addition to the direct care staff, the maintenance guys and office staff are accessible to the service users, so they can build positive relationships with them too.
  • The homes are part of the local communities, so there’s lots happening around them.
  • It’s a family environment, and it’s family-run. The owners are there, they are visible and they know what’s going on.”

Do you think Richardson Care offers value for money?

Yes, because of the outcomes that they achieve. I also found the inclusive cost model very helpful, as costs were upfront and transparent. As the individual responds to the therapies, then costs tend to reduce. This contrasts with other services, where I’ve found costs are added after admission.”


Chris Dindar RGN, Associate Case Manager at Brain Injury Services Ltd, placed his client who has an acquired brain injury at The Coach House in August 2019.

It was really lovely to visit yesterday and to see how well Simon is doing at the Coach House [following his admission 5 weeks ago]. It was particularly encouraging to hear that he is engaging with eating at the Coach House and not spending fortunes on going to a restaurant every day anymore! It was genuinely heart-warming to see the enthusiasm and satisfaction on his face, describing the steak lunch he had just bought, helped prepare and eaten.

Simon seems a great deal more relaxed in his new surroundings and it is abundantly clear that he has a great team around him, who understand his needs and are pro-active with him. He has not experienced that before, so it is all very pleasing! Many thanks.


In 2016, Yvette, a service user with acquired brain injury, moved to The Richardson Partnership for Care after many failed placements. In 2019, she is preparing to move into her own house. Here are the thoughts of her Case Manager.

I acted as Case Manager and was instrumental in moving Yvette from her previous nursing home to Richardson Partnership for Care, as Yvette wished to be nearer her family and to work towards moving into her own home in the community. With the support of Richardson Partnership for Care she has achieved her goals.

Richardson Partnership for Care has been able to offer Yvette support, care, occupational therapy and psychological support which she required to achieve her goals.

The Mews differed from her previous placement because, most importantly, they respected Yvette’s individuality and wishes. She has had a “voice” at the Mews. Speech and Language Therapy has assisted Yvette to communicate and a great improvement has been seen and she is now a proficient communicator.

Being a young woman, Yvette has benefitted from being with a younger age group of residents.

Access to regular Psychologist input has assisted the care team in reducing any frustrations or difficult behaviours Yvette might display. She has received the standard of personal care she expects and desires which has resulted in less frustration for all concerned.

Yvette has benefitted from the location of The Mews close to the shops and supermarkets and her weekly outings – she has attended the day centre and church and has the use of The Mews’ vehicle for individual outings each week or joins in with other group outings. She has had very successful annual holidays, which she has enjoyed arranged by The Mews.

Yvette has enjoyed the activities offered by The Mews: crafts, music sessions, wheelchair dancing and all the social activities which have been on offer – including visits by Elvis Presley!

Most importantly for Yvette, she has known that her possessions and money have been safe at The Mews (she experienced acts of theft at her previous placement).

As previously mentioned, Yvette has a “voice”: at The Mews she can communicate her wishes, views, dislikes and she knows she will be respected. The Mews has enriched and improved Yvette’s quality of life.

[The team at] The Mews has also worked closely with myself as Case Manager to assist Yvette to achieve her goals.”


Penningtons Manches LLP placed a client with us who has an acquired brain injury. They had this to say about the quality of service and care that they have experienced.

We are pleased with the progress that our client has made since she moved to the Richardson Partnership – her progress has been more than expected and her prospects have improved as a result. We have also been struck by the time that the team has taken to get to know and understand the client. They have brought out the best in her and it has been a joy to watch her confidence improve. Various individuals in the team have excelled at building relationships with clients and we have been impressed by the Richardson Partnership’s focus on enabling.

When evaluating a home in which to place a client, we are looking for the following attributes: Bespoke support tailored to the client’s needs, plenty of activities available, flexibility, good communication, as well as an understanding of any litigation process going on in the background. We have been delighted with the work done with our client and the progress made in a short space of time. It has been great to see how much having a team who believe in her has helped.”

Penningtons Manches LLP
Head of the Personal Injury Team

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