Testimonials from Service Users


I am thankful every day.
I only came out of bed for three hours a day before [in previous placement]. Now I have money to go out every day.
I want to share my story as people only see my car [wheelchair], they don’t see me.
When I moved to this home I couldn’t talk much, and they’ve helped me with this – thank you Jenni!
I never had my own bathroom and shower and own kitchen in my room before.
Big thumbs up for the staff.
The food is beautiful.

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Staff understand John.
He has lots of activities and has a good life in here.
He always goes out for checkups and blood tests at doctors.
Staff looking after John, he gets what he wants but not every day, he cannot have it every day.
He has a lot of friends here, he likes Ian.


I like staff being fair.
I get to do a lot of activities [such as] art, CST [cognitive stimulation therapy], relaxation.
Having lots of activities keeps me busy and occupied. I’ve developed literacy skills. Thank you care staff for helping me and supporting me all the way through my life.
Thank you care staff for taking me on home visits and holidays. Thank you care staff for supporting me and helping me gain skills that I need to move on.


It is lovely being here. I love doing voluntary work. You are all excellent.” “Since staying at The Richardson Mews, I have to say I’m very pleased with the care I have received and the experiences that have been offered to me. Personally, I have had a lot of support in some choices. I have been made aware of the consequences of some of my actions. I have also received help in achieving my goals in life such as finding work in the industry of my choice.” “Like it here, especially my bedroom. The food is ok, love the fact that there is variety and I can choose. The garden area is open and for me to enjoy the open air and sunlight. I enjoy the variety of activities provided by this home. They keep me busy all the time, I am never bored. Like it here because the staff support with day to day living when I need it.

Staff help me with washing, cooking and washing up. Staff help me with going out and helping me take part in activities that I want to do, such as gardening, swimming, discos and holidays.

I get presents and cards. I go out for walks and go to the park. I like going for meals out on Wednesdays. I like going to the pub and staff help me.

I like it here, I am happy here and all of the jobs I do. I like the staff. I go out for drinks and meals out. I have had my bedroom painted. I like my bathroom. I like my lunches. It is a good place to live.

It is nice. I like the house. I get big dinners, I get big puddings. The staff are nice. I get to go to town. I like to go on holiday and stay in a caravan.

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