“I am happy with the care provided”


“Staff are friendly and approachable”


“Would recommend Richardson Care”


“I feel that my relative is treated with dignity and respect”


The home has an inclusive or ‘family’ environment.


“I feel that their quality of life has improved since they arrived at Richardson Care”

in 2021 100% of respondents are happy with their loved one’s care

We are very pleased to report that the responses to our annual survey, which is sent to the family members of our service users, are better than ever.

It’s been another tough year in the care sector and many family members have not been able to visit as often as they would have liked. We’ve kept in touch with phone calls and video calls, and our annual survey gives them the opportunity to tell us their views.

All of the 2021 Families’ questionnaire results are shown in this graph

Graph showing family survey results

For consistency and comparison, we ask the same questions each year. We asked all the families whether they strongly agree, agree, don’t know or disagree with the following statements:

  1. I am happy with the care provided for my relative
  2. The home has a warm, non-institutionalised feeling
  3. The home provides an inclusive or ‘family’ environment
  4. The staff are friendly and approachable
  5. I am regularly updated with information
  6. I feel that my relative is treated with dignity and respect
  7. I feel that their quality of life has improved since they arrived at Richardson Care
  8. I feel that my relative takes part in meaningful and/or enjoyable activities
  9. Would you recommend our service to others? Yes/No

We also received the following comments:

“He has done rock climbing, which is amazing, been on a boat, which he enjoyed. He enjoys going to the pub and shops, which he does weekly and benefits from the social interaction.”

“His speech has definitely improved over the years and also his social skills as well.”

“This is the first place I feel at ease and that my daughter receives all that she needs, and that her needs are met.”

“The bottom line is that he is very happy [at Kingsthorpe Grove]. He is all smiles and that’s what counts. Richardsons run a great home.”

“We could not be happier with [our son’s] care. He obviously has a full and enjoyable life. All the staff we meet are kind, helpful and competent”

“Our son’s smiles and contentment let us know that he is happy within your care. Thank you.”

“Our nephew has spent over 20 years in your care. Quite simply, they have been the best years of his life! We don’t know where he would have been without your care and support.”

“The staff have all the service users’ welfare and happiness at heart.”

All of the 2021 families’ questionnaire results are shown in the graph above. We would like to thank all of the family members who took time to complete the questionnaires.

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