6th June 2018 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><p>Location is often one of the first considerations when placing someone in residential care – so that they can be close to friends and family – but it’s not necessarily the most important. It’s usually a combination of factors that contribute to the quality of the care provided that takes precedent over the location.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/importance-location-placing-someone-residential-care/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

14th February 2018 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><p> One of the most popular activities that we arrange in-house for our service users is the weekly bowling sessions that we hold in the main hall at The Mews each Monday.</p> <p>We are fortunate to have Duggie Mitchell on our team, who is an experienced bowling instructor and has played competitive bowls for 35 years with success at Club, County and National levels.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/1011-2/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

30th November 2017 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><h1>Adults with acquired brain injuries, learning disabilities and complex needs</h1> <p>In addition to surveying the families of service users in our care on an annual basis, we also complete a questionnaire with the individuals themselves, which asks specific questions about different aspects of their lives within the care home.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/satisfaction-survey-care-home-residents/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

24th October 2017 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><p> <strong>Headway Approved Providers</strong><br /> Two of our residential care homes for adults with acquired brain injuries – The Mews and 144 Boughton Green Road – have been recently re-assessed by Headway, the brain injury charity. The assessment process requires the home to demonstrate the provision of appropriate specialist care for people with complex, physical and/or cognitive impairment due to acquired brain injury.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/homes-gain-high-scores-independent-assessments/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

18th October 2017 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><p> We encourage feedback from the families of the service users in our care on a regular basis, but once a year we formalise this process by sending them a short questionnaire to complete. It is sent to both the families of service users who have learning disabilities and those who have an acquired brain injury.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/families-survey-results-2017/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

25th July 2017 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><p> <img class="alignright size-full wp-image-971" src="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Dawn-Briggs_6820_swiftpage.jpg" alt="Dawn Briggs" width="150" height="175" />We’re delighted to report that Dawn Briggs reached the final of the National Learning Disabilities and Autism Awards 2017 in the Support Worker of the Year Award.</p> <p>Dawn started work at The Richardson Partnership for Care in 1995 as an Administrator and Co-ordinator/ Activity Support Worker, soon becoming an integral part of the home, developing relationships with service users.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/dawn-finalist-learning-disabilities-awards/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

27th July 2016 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><div> <p>Last month, we held a garden party at The Mews in honour of HM The Queen’s 90th Birthday. Service users from all of our homes were invited along with their families and all of our staff.</p> <p>The Mayor of Northampton, Councillor Christopher Malpas, and the Mayoress were also invited.</p></div></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/celebrating-queens-birthday-style/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

11th July 2016 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><p> In May 2012, The Richardson Partnership for Care became an officially-recognised accreditation centre with ASDAN – the Awards Scheme Development Accreditation Network. The organisation provides courses to thousands of training providers, which offer flexible ways to accredit skills development and enrichment activities.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/structured-skills-development-adults-learning-difficulties/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

7th June 2016 0

<div class="bt_bb_wrapper"><p> Music is a powerful medium and can have a profound effect on emotions. It can create a calming, tranquil environment or drive energy and motivation, depending on the style and tempo.</p> <p>In addition to weekly music sessions in one of our homes, once a month on a Saturday, Simon Moxham, a professional Saxophonist comes to play at The Mews.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/power-music-improve-well/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

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