<p> <img decoding="async" class=" wp-image-248 alignleft" alt="Wendy Coleman | Homes Manager - Duston Rd" src="http://www.careresidential.co.uk/news/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/wendy_coleman_0017.jpg" width="384" height="352" />Wendy Coleman, ( Home Manager, Duston Rd) attended the UKABIF expert seminar day in October last year and really enjoyed the talks that were presented for the day. The topics that were covered were:</p> <ul> <li><b>Endocrine Problems in Acquired Brain Injury </b></li> </ul> <p>(by Prof.→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/there-is-no-such-thing-as-a-minor-brain-injury-ukabif-expert-seminar/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a></p>

<p> We are constantly searching for new activities, day trips or experiences for our Service Users in order to aid their rehabilitation. Here is an example of one such day where two of our Service Users chose what they would like to do in London for the day.→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/day-out-the-london-dungeons/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a></p>

<address><em>This is part of a series of blog posts which we have created to introduce you to our team of professionals who make up the backbone of our organisation. The posts feature staff across the whole business: in the homes, referrals and admissions, multi-disciplinary therapies, maintenance, etc.</em></address>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/staff-profile-wendy-coleman/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

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