In the field of rehabilitation for people with acquired brain injuries, there is often a conflict between short term cost savings and long term value for money. At The Richardson Partnership for Care our experience has shown that investment in the right level of support at the right time can lead to significant cost savings over the longer term. It is always our aim to enable each individual to fulfil their potential and go on to live independently if they can.

We also appreciate that the pressure on funding has never been greater. To help you with your funding applications and to show you where The Richardson Partnership for Care sits within the core classifications of neuro-rehabilitation, we have developed a care pathway diagram. This refers to the rehabilitation codes used by BrainNav and other brain injury organisations. The codes are becoming a universal reference and are based on the model developed by the Eastern Head Injury Group and published by Pickard, Seeley, Kirker et al, in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, August 2004.

This system gives each stage of the rehabilitation pathway a code number against which the type of rehabilitation input is defined, along with the patient needs that each code is designed to meet. Click here to see how our care services are described by this model.

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