A personal thank you to Helen Petrie and her team at The Richardson Mews

12th July 2021 0

We’re very happy and relieved that Jean Woods, Laura’s Grandma is now able to move on to specialist elderly and dementia care. She is so much better than she was when she was admitted to The Richardson Mews at Christmas. We are hugely grateful to Registered Manager, Helen Petrie, and the whole team.

We know that it’s a big responsibility caring for anyone’s loved one who is vulnerable and can present with challenging behaviour. Add to that being at the height of a pandemic and the fact that it’s the bosses’ 87-year-old grandmother, and the stress levels are even higher.

After Jean broke her hip, she spent six weeks in hospital. As there were no rehab places available and she needed specialist care, we decided to admit her to The Richardson Mews. She arrived at Christmas 2020 after she had finished her isolation period. She does not fit our usual demographic, who have sustained a brain injury and are often younger adults. However, the multi-disciplinary team and the care team used their skills and experience to focus on Jean’s personal needs – as they do with any service user.

When Jean arrived, she couldn’t weight-bear and was in a very confused state. There was also a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the home. Protocols were followed and most of the service users, Jean included, managed to avoid catching Covid.

Jean is now able to walk with a frame and is cognitively much better, despite her advancing dementia. The input of the multi-disciplinary team delivering physiotherapy, and psychological therapy as well as changing her medication, had a marked improvement in her well-being. She is now well, strong and fit.

What we have noticed most of all, has been the benefit that all of the staff interactions have had on her well-being. Where she was previously left for long periods of time on her own, the constant care and attention of staff has paid huge dividends. Despite the restrictions of lockdown, it appears that none of the service users have suffered from isolation.

Jean’s care has brought home to us how other families must feel when their loved one is cared for by others. This positive outcome is a credit to Helen, the multi-disciplinary team and the whole staff team at The Richardson Mews.

Many thanks from Laura & Greg Richardson-Cheater and the whole family.

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