The Realm of Caring for Adults with Acquired Brain Injuries

13th March 2012 0

An Acquired Brain Injury (commonly referred to as ABI) is brain damage which occurs by events after birth, rather than part of a congenital or genetic disorder.

ABI can result in cognitive, physical, emotional, or behavioural impairments that lead to permanent or temporary changes in functioning.These impairments result from either traumatic brain injury (e.g. physical trauma due to accidents, assaults, neurosurgery, head injury, etc.) or non-traumatic injury derived from either an internal or external source (e.g. stroke, brain tumours, infection, poisoning, hypoxia, or substance abuse like Korsakoff’s syndrome)

At RPC we generally deal with service users with all these types of injuries. We focus our work on adults from 18 years old and upwards.

As part of our admission process when a new service user comes to stay with us we evaluate and assess everything about them, including the way in which they acquired the brain injury (and at what age); how they have been managing their recovery since the event and at what level they are able to look after themselves and participate in their post-injury lives.

Everyone is an individual and that is why we approach every new service user differently and follow a person-centred path for rehabilitation and treatment. In this way we can make sure that we are not only treating the symptoms and behaviours, but we are also nurturing the personal goals and aspirations of our service users. We believe every one of our service users are entitled to maximise their quality of life, and that they just need extra support, care and patience to be able to achieve that.

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