Learning Disability Partnership Board – Goals and Aims

22nd February 2012 0

The Northamptonshire Learning Disability Partnership (NLDP) Board was set-up in September 2010. We are members of the Board, and one of our Homes Managers, Jackie Mann, represents us on this Board.

The members of the Board discuss issues that are of importance to individuals with a learning disability; their family and friends; as well as their carers. These issues touch on aspects such as:

  • being treated with respect and dignity;
  • having the same chances and responsibilities as everyone else; and
  • the same rights and choices.

In 2008 the Government updated the way in which people with learning disabilities are “valued” – from the way they have been valued since 2005. The central idea of the Board is to ensure that everything that was written in this Governmental Paper is happening here in Northamptonshire; as well as including making sure that the individuals, their family and carers, are involved in the changes and plans that will directly affect them.

The Board has a representational element from the three realms of people involved: the person with a learning disability; a family member/carer and anyone working or volunteering in the community. These people’s roles are to ensure the partnership board hears the voice of the local group and vote on decisions that have been made.

Brian Binley, Northampton’s MP, attended the February 2012 meeting held at The Richardson Mews to answer our questions and raise our issues in Parliament. The Northamptonshire Police Force were present as well.

“In my present role I find that it is very important to voice the concerns of service-users and family members that reside at our Kingsthorpe Grove Homes within this forum.” – Jackie Mann, Homes Manager and NLDP Board representative.

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