The Mews is praised by independent Quality Checker

1st November 2016 0

The Mews, our residential care home providing short-term intensive rehabilitation for adults with acquired brain injuries, was recently assessed by Northamptonshire Quality Checkers. They are ‘experts by experience’ and perform quality assessments from a service user’s perspective.

This was the third time that Northamptonshire Quality Checkers had assessed the home so expectations were high. Our Quality Checker this time was Paul, supported by a Co-ordinator, Karen. There were no recommendations to follow-up from the previous visit and one of the service users interviewed last time has since moved out. Paul spoke to a young lady “L” whom he’d met last time but not interviewed. They discussed various aspects of life at The Mews and these were some of his findings:

About the home – Very Good: “L said she felt safe in her home and she said it’s very important to feel safe…She likes her home and she is very independent”

Food and drink – Very Good: “L makes all her own food and drinks herself… L does all her own shopping.”

Friends and people in the resident’s life – Very Good: “L is happy with the people in her life and she feels safe”

Health – Very Good: “L goes to the doctor, dentist and to have her eyes tested and wears glasses. Staff do talk to her about her health needs and she has had an annual health check. L knows what her medication is for.”

Staff and support – Good: “L said staff still talked to her nicely and they do really listen to her… L said she has not been asked to help on staff interviews but she said she would like to do this”

Activities – Good: “L told us she likes going bowling, shopping and to the cinema. L said she went to Wales on holiday last year and is going to Great Yarmouth this year, she doesn’t really go on day trips but she said ‘I would like to go on day trips’.”

About the resident making changes in their life and how they feel – Very Good: “L said she is still happy at the home, she said ‘I know I need to move but I like it here’. L thinks she will move out in the coming year and has been working towards this… We asked if she would tell people the home was a good place to live, she said ‘I do all the time’.”

Paul also asked the staff and manager questions about how they ensure the safety of residents, how they deal with misconduct, managing risk and staff training. He made the following conclusions:
• “The staff know what they need to do, they are nice, they are friendly, I didn’t see no problems”
• “The house is beautiful and has a lot of space – I really like it”
• “ I think this is a good home and L said she wanted to stay”

He also recommended that:
• L should be invited to help with staff interviews
• Staff should discuss with L the types of additional activities and day trips that she’s like to take part in.

These recommendations were addressed by the manager and no issues remained outstanding.

One of our communal lounge areas at The Mews

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