The overall experience of the staff and management of the home is excellent, they not only care and look after our daughter, they are very supportive of us as a family. 


 Our son was taken in by Jayne Payne in 2009. He was in a terrible mental state, he’d been sectioned in Oxford in 2007 for violence, and he had always lived at home until then. Well, Jane and her staff worked and worked with him until he is almost like his old lovely self. They bring him home to us once a month on the Isle of Wight for two days and he looks forward to this as much as we do. We cannot say enough good things about the home: they saved our lives and our son’s. The medical care is fantastic and they are always loving and tolerant of our son, even on his bad days.


On the several occasions when I visited the care home to see, collect or return my son, I have found the care workers polite and helpful within the limits of their powers/duty. The care home is kept really friendly, clean, tidy and comfortable; and the general environment including personal safety and security arrangements warrants no criticisms.


Over a period of ten years, my nephew has presented with very challenging behaviour. Having his time with the Richardson Partnership, his behaviour has improved as a result of excellent care. This consists of reducing the ‘chemical cost’ of reducing drug therapy with a range of behaviour modification and genuine and dedicated care, which we greatly appreciate.


My son is autistic and has severe learning difficulties. He has been a resident in this home for 11 years. I use the word ‘home’ because that is just what it is – it is his home rather than a ‘residence’ and most certainly not an ‘institution’. The culture of the home and the caring attitude of staff and management mean that my son is much more than a ‘service user’. My son’s care has always been a partnership between the home and ourselves, and as we grow older and think about what will happen to him when we are no longer here, it is a great comfort to know that he is happy in his home and that he will always be well cared for. I have absolutely no reservation in recommending this excellent home.


Below are comments from our annual surveys, which are completed anonymously.

The home is superior to most other homes visited.

The staff have always been very supportive to our family.

He is very happy at Kingsthorpe Grove, we wouldn’t wish for him to be anywhere else.

He is more alert because of the time and effort the Manager and staff have worked to cut down on the amount of unnecessary drugs he was taking, which enables him to live his life in an enjoyable and contented way of his choosing.

He has a full and happy life. Everyone seems pleased to work with him. He could not receive better care.

He has been there over 20 years. Quality of life could not be better.

The home is friendly and welcoming, the other residents are pleasant and friendly… They know her so well and it is her second family, and when we visit we are welcomed… She gets help and support from all and she is treated with respect and love… I have no problem recommending your services, they are outstanding.

He has progressed so much this year, being able to go on holiday and attend social events… He realises he is cared for well and that he is valued within his community… He is like a new man, he was very dependent on drug therapy when he arrived at Richardson’s. Your care has enabled him to flourish and grow… the social and psychological stimulation helps him make progress. We would like to thank you for all your highly skilled and sensitive work with him.

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