<p> As it’s Energy Saving Week this week, I thought I’d write a short post about what we’re doing at The Richardson Partnership for Care to reduce our carbon footprint.</p> <p>Our care home at 144 Boughton Green Road has been using solar power to heat the water for the last 10 years and we’re installing solar water heating in The Mews too.→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/energy-usage-in-care-homes/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a></p>

<p> I felt compelled to write something in a response to the recent news items on the cases of criminal neglect of people with disabilities while in the care of a private hospital. This is the most horrific catalogue of abuse and neglect that I have ever heard of.→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/residential-care-professional-considered-care-of-vulnerable-adults/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a></p>

<p> People often ask us how we keep our homes up to such a good standard of decoration and condition. This is a post to give you some insights into how important we think environment is to the care we give our Service Users.→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/our-five-star-maintenance-team-trained-and-professional/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a></p>

<div> <p>The Admissions Team attended <a href="http://www.asdan.org.uk/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">ASDAN</a> Training in August this year, and wanted to share the experience with you our Blog readers.</p> <p>As you may know, Richardsons became a centre for ASDAN back in May. ASDAN is a charitable social enterprise with awarding body status which provides programmes and qualifications to accredit skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life.</p></div>→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/admissions-referrals-team-complete-asdan-training/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a>

<p> As a matter of course we arrange that each of our homes have a monthly house meeting where all of the Service Users and the staff come together and plan group outings for the coming month as well as provide the opportunity for some open discussions with the service users.→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/regular-engagement-of-service-users-in-their-daily-lives-at-rpc/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a></p>

<p> This month we qualified to become a recognised centre with ASDAN, the charitable social enterprise with awarding body status, which provides courses to more than 6,000 UK and international schools, colleges, youth centres and training providers. ASDAN’s programmes and qualifications offer flexible ways to accredit skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life.→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/rpc-becomes-a-centre-for-the-awards-scheme-development-accreditation-network-asdan/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a></p>

<p> In our business, we have created what we call “Respite Stays” for service users, which is essentially a temporary stay for people with an acquired brain injury, to give everyone a break to recover some much needed energy and maybe to learn new skills.→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/short-respite-breaks-for-family-who-care-for-loved-ones-at-home/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a></p>

<p> An Acquired Brain Injury (commonly referred to as <strong>ABI</strong>) is brain damage which occurs by events after birth, rather than part of a congenital or genetic disorder.</p> <p>ABI can result in cognitive, physical, emotional, or behavioural impairments that lead to permanent or temporary changes in functioning.These→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/the-realm-of-caring-for-adults-with-acquired-brain-injuries/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a></p>

<p> <a href="http://www.careresidential.co.uk/news/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/DSCF1147_1.jpg"><img loading="lazy" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-762" src="http://www.careresidential.co.uk/news/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/DSCF1147_1-300x201.jpg" alt="DSCF1147_1" width="300" height="201" /></a>We held our first Open Day in celebration of the one year birthday of our beautiful Mews home and my word, did we have a great day!</p> <p>We arranged for all of our Homes and Specialist Support teams to be available to speak to the visitors on the day, as well as answer any questions they had.→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/the-mews-open-day-2012/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a></p>

<p> It’s difficult to believe that the Richardson Mews has been open for a year now. The transitional suites have really come into their own – two of our service-users are especially flourishing in these specially designed suites. The ability to live in an environment that feels independent with such generous space whilst at the same time is within a safe environment is a luxury.→ <a href="https://www.richardsoncares.co.uk/modern-spacious-comfortable-the-richardson-mews/" class="read-more">Read the rest </a></p>

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